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Pay Per Click

What is PPC?

Pay-Per-Click is abbreviated as PPC refers to concept of placing paid ads to direct traffic towards your website, it’s a model of internet marketing where the advertisers pay the publisher each time the ad is clicked(as defined by Wikipedia). It’s like buying the visits to your site unlike earning them through organic search.

Through Search engines generally advertisers bid on keywords pertinent to their targeting markets, whereas sites fix a price per ad rather than following the bidding system. The basic Pay-Per-Click formula is

PPC = cost of advertisement / ads clicked

How does PPC work?

There are two types of Pay-per-click processes

1) Fixed rate PPC

In this process the publisher fixes a rate to the advertisement and the advertiser negotiates and finalizes the deal with publisher to display the ad over the publisher’s website. These amounts vary with traffic of websites of respective publishers and also with the place where the ad is being displayed on the page.

2) Bid-based PPC

The advertisers compete against other advertisers in a private auction hosted by the publisher. The bids will be based on the keywords the advertisers require and will be placed over the ad spot. If the ad spot is in SERP the auction take place each time there is search for the keyword on an automated basis.

We at JT soft solution follow some steps to get better PPC results.

Strategic keyword research: To do a study over keywords necessary to the particular business are and use various tools to maximize the probability of keyword to be searched. Adding keywords and negative keywords to increase relevancy and reduce wasted spend.

Bid management: Use tools which help is to increase ROI (return on investment) and maintain no loss formula.

ROI rate report: Maintain proper documentation on ROI and refer and update report for every coming PPC campaign.