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Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing (SEM) is nothing but an internet marketing strategy to promote the website by increasing the visibility of the website in SERP. SEM is a broader phenomenon compared to SEO. SEO can be counted as a part of SEM, SEO uses an organic way of increasing the rank of website where as SEM uses both paid and unpaid methods to improve the ranking of website.

Many people get confused over the relation between SEO and SEM. Simply explained

SEO: Earning traffic with the help of free and unpaid listings

SEM: Buying the traffic through ads and paid listings along with SEO techniques.

SEM also can be explained partly with a mathematical expression like

SEM = SEO + PPC + Paid listings


We include all possible optimizing and marketing techniques under SEM unlike many other lax organizations which consider only paid listings under SEM. Our elite team has mastered the art of SEM and we guarantee a 100% effort from our side in order take our customers to the next stage. Our SEM techniques include

  • Search Engine submissions
  • PPC campaign
  • Search analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Cost per impression
  • Search engine optimization

Adwords is referred to as one of best SEM medium and web advertising utensil to help marketers to reach their customers in an explicit way. One of the many steps followed Adwords includes PPC which often is considered as best way to use your money effectively to increase your reach towards people. We follow rather same strategy but only to give you an easier way to increase your ranking.

Since April 24, 2012 Google has been updating its search algorithms from Penguin to panda and to latest version of humming bird in 2014. All of these algorithms ruled out the possibility of increasing rank by buying links and they only consider the regular SEO and PPC techniques to maintain the position of website in SERP. We follow only legal and ethical techniques and we go as per the processes which help our customers in a safe way.